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Vital Signs Monitor T7

Vital Signs Monitor T7

The T7 monitor is the mix of a modern design with a very friendly interface. It is part of ProLife’s T Series, composed by monitors with hybrid configuration that can adapt to multiple environments, from screening to high complexity intensive care units and even surgery centers

Advantages: The 15” screen provides an optimized visualization of all the parameters and curves, turning the T7 into a perfect monitor to be used beside the hospital bed. With its modern design, it can create an exclusive and technological ambience. The T7 monitor is already configured with basic parameters (ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP, temperature) and with slots to input other parameters packs according to the environment specificities.

Main features: The touchscreen provides an intuitive, easy and fast navigation through the configuration menus. High connectivity through USB gate, VGA output, SD card, thermal printer, laser printer, nurse call system, synchronism with defibrillator and communication using the HL7 protocol. In its basic configuration it performs the analysis of 18 different kinds of arrhythmia with reviewing possibility, ST segment analysis, drugs calculation, and calculation of hemodynamic, respiratory, renal and oxygenation parameters. With one of the highest memory capacities from the segment, it can save up to 1000 groups of NIBP parameters, 180 groups of alarms and arrhythmia events and 128 hours of graphic and numerical trends.

Optional: It is possible to increase the T7 performance adding to the monitor different parameters, available through the insertion of modules that are automatically recognized. Some of the options are:

  • Anesthetic agents;
  • Temperature;
  • Side-stream or mainstream capnography;
  • Cardiac output using thermodilution or bioimpedance;
  • Bispectral index (BIS);
  • Invasive blood pressure (it is possible to include two invasive blood pressure channels in the internal configuration, leaving the slots available for use with other modules or with more blood pressure channels).



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