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Vital Signs Monitor P12

Vital Signs Monitor P12

The ProLife’s P12 is a multiparametric monitor with a 12” screen for transport and monitoring beside the hospital bed. It can be configured with basic and advanced parameters, according to the needs. Given that, it can meet the requirements from all the hospital sectors, from a simple screening to intensive care units and surgery centers.

Advantages: Light and compact, the P12 counts on high technology from the most basic parameters to the most advanced ones. With a space for two lead batteries with 60 minutes of autonomy each, or lithium batteries with 240 minutes each, it is ideal for the patient transport. The extended memory for graphic trends and data tables can store up to 168 hours, 1800 alarm events, cardiorespiratory trends and 1000 measures of NIBP.

Main features: An extremely friendly interface and completely configurable alarms for all the parameters, with priority levels. Even the basic configuration has complete ECG with the detection and revision of up to 18 kinds of arrhythmia, cardiac pacemaker recognition and ST segment analysis of all the monitored leads. It has also the possibility to monitor up to 12 leads with simultaneous on-screen tracking or up to 11 curves of different parameters.

Pre-configured and updatable. This flexibility enables the future introduction of other parameters without the need of buying a new equipment.

Optional: Possibility to connect it to a bigger screen using the VGA output, introduce a thermal printer to print all the data trends, alarms, and curves in 3 channels. It is already enabled to be used with a monitoring center or a simple network for visualization of the screen from a different hospital bed.



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