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Central de Monitorização ProLife

Central de Monitorização ProLife

ProLife’s patient monitoring central is a physiological parameters monitoring system for multi hospital beds. It allows the visualization of the data from 66 different beds that are provided with ProLife’s monitors, establishing the connection using a network cable or Wi-fi.

Indicated for the continuous and simultaneous monitoring of many patients in intensive care units, wards and surgery centers, the central can acquire and display parameters and wave forms from all the monitored sectors.

The data transmission is duplex, allowing the input and output of alarm data, remote NIBP measurement, and other actions.

Other Advantages:

  • Communication with the hospital system HL7;
  • Connection to two different screens;
  • The system supports different printers’ models;
  • Easy operation with the use of the mouse and keyboard;
  • 240 hours of storage capacity for graphical and data table trends per bed.


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