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Cardio-Aid Bifase Defibrillator

Cardio-Aid Bifase Defibrillator

Cardio-Aid is a bold design cardioverter with the most advanced cardioversion technologies available. It was developed by Innomed, a European company active in the field of medical equipment for more than 25 years, bringing more and more safety and efficiency during patient care. In addition to performing manual or DEA mode, cardioversion and internal defibrillation, the equipment can monitor various vital signs of the patient, such as: ECG, breathing, SpO2, PNI and Capnography. The handling is simple: the energy level, loading and delivery of the shock can be adjusted through the multifunctional buttons on the blades, which can be turned into pediatric ones with just one touch.

The Biphasic STAR wave brings Truncated Exponential Biphasic Wave technology and ensures the delivery of energy with maximum accuracy under any circumstances ensuring effective therapy for any type of patient. It has been proven in clinical research with guidance from the FDA that is one of the most effective waveforms to stop ventricular fibrillation. The equipment constantly monitors the chest impedance, displaying on the screen a graphic bar, avoiding damages to the patient with unnecessary peaks of energy.

It has a system capable of differentiating technical and physiological alarms and storing about 10,000 events that can be printed online, offline or exported to a USB drive. Automatic printing can also be configured for multiple events.

In the DEA mode, the user is guided by a simple interface of voice commands and texts that appear on the display, making it possible for emergency equipment to be operated by professionals other than doctors, and it is only necessary to press the delivery button of the shock.


  • Optional EtCO2 (Capnostat and LoFlo ™ technologies), SpO2, Breath and PNI (SunTech technology);
  • Automatic actions: event storage and printing (configurable);
  • Charging time of 2.7s;
  • Intelligent power management;
  • Specific bag for transport;
  • Pacer mode.


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