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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

ProLife believes that providing a product of excellence is not enough. To keep the high quality it is very important that the product can be used with efficiency and safety. ProLife’s support and technical assistance sectors guarantee clear orientation to the clients, within or without the warranty period, providing a top quality service.

Technical Assistance Network

  • Well trained, qualified and accredited team for ProLife’s products;
  • Exclusive access to materials and methods from the original producers;
  • Continuously trained group;
  • Commitment to the Quality System;
  • Overcoming the practices of national and international standards;
  • Diagnosis methods, tests, repair, calibration and certification in a reliable tracked way of all the offered services;
  • Alignment with ANVISA, ABNT, ISO, IEC and other national/international standards

Specialized Services

Our accredited network is trained to meet our clients’ needs and ready to provide a high quality service.

Equipment Maintenance

Original methods and parts from the producers are used in all the brands commercialized by ProLife.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

A big variety of manpower options, material and annual certifications.

Operation, Review and Calibration Certificate

  • Functional inspection and parameters calibration is an important aspect for defibrillators and vital signs monitors.
  • Traceability of the standards used in the maintenance activities.
  • Standards from accredited organizations (ONA, ANVISA, etc) are followed and Quality Standards & Good Practices are applied.
  • Tests are performed according to national and international standards (ABNT, NBR, ISO, etc).

Electrical Safety Certificates

Extremely important test in the medical equipment field, the electrical safety test guarantees that the machine follows the specifications demanded by the standards after maintenance activities or during performance verifications. The electrical safety tests are performed using last generation instruments, establishing a correct operation and high safety level for the equipment.

Contact us to check where is located the closest technical assistance to you.